Supporting adults with developmental disabilities to live a productive life through meaningful connections and opportunities.

Our Programs

Residential Services

Our Supervised Living option allows for program participants to lead a meaningful life with opportunities to be active members within their community.

Adult Day Services

Our passion is to partner with each program participant and develop programming that will foster personal growth and development, meaningful connections and have them be respected members of the community.

A productive life is obtainable!

New Care Health Partners believes all individuals deserve to live a productive life with opportunities to form connections with others. Our PHILOSOPHY is centered around identifying meaningful opportunities for those we serve to be connected to the community in a way that highlights the value of diversity.

What We Do for Families

Offer a sense of community to our clients and their families

Systems of oversights that measure quality so that we are alway improving

Routine survey’s to make sure the input from families is considered and incorporated in our program offerings

Comprehensive training program so our staff are equipped to serve in excellence

We're an approved provider for

Day Habilitation

Pre-vocational and vocational training

Supported Employment

Community Based Support