About Us​

New Care Health Partners believes all individuals deserve to live a productive life with opportunities to form connections with others. Our PHILOSOPHY is centered around identifying meaningful opportunities for those we serve to be connected to the community in a way that highlights the value of diversity.

Our Mission

The mission of New Care Health Partners is to create an environment for adults with developmental disabilities, including individuals on the autism spectrum to achieve their potential through self-determination by supporting the exploration of personal interests and encouraging personal choices.

Meet Our Team

Lee Hunter Payne, Executive Director

Lee Hunter Payne is the Executive Director of New Care Health Partners. Lee Payne has more than 15 years of experience developing and providing administrative oversight of programs that serve individuals with developmental disabilities. Lee has earned his Executive Master’s in Public Administration from Baruch College in New York, NY.

Lee is passionate about creating environments that foster both individual and organizational growth while maintaining a strong sense of community.

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